Dressed in black with red lips and porcelain skin showing off your white grin. You’re seduction sweet pure tantalizing desire. You walk swiftly across the room I can smell your alluring perfume thoughts rush to my head lust threatens my hands. I touch your soft skin then pull you close to taste your bitter sweet sin that’s dripping off your ruby red lips into my mouth, dancing with my tongue, and going down my throat. You pull back out of my grasp I need to hold you so I go forward. You slip out of my hands like silk spin around and walk away, I follow the silhouette of your curvy voluptuous body and the clicking of your heels. You lead me to a room with dim lights. I close the door behind us and begin to take off my clothes. My tie comes off first and you begin to unzip your dress my tux comes off second as you peel off your dress my pants come off third and you’re standing in front of me nude. I let passion take me over and pull you tightly towards my body, heat surges off your skin as we kiss and fool around scratches on my back as you release pleasant sounds. My lips are guided to your neck onto your shoulders my hands caress your spine I look at my finger and take off my wedding ring placing it near yours on the coffee table knocking them over as I lay you on top of the glass staring at your eyes being surprised at the beauty and wife my brother has. You grab the back of my neck and pull me on top of you letting your spine lift off the glass. Friction has taken over our bodies and we begin to sweat letting out sighs of hot sex. Once we are done we don’t say a word just put on our clothes picking up the wedding rings on the coarse carpet floor smiling at each other so later we can explore the sensations that carry us away into sin.

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